PR-BW 800 High Performance Debris Filter

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FLO-DS-0153 Taprogee Filter PR-BW-800

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The PR-BW 800 from TAPROGGE, supplied by HMA Flow & Industrial, is a high-performance backwash filter for the separation of macro fouling (debris) from liquids. The main application is the filtration of cooling water in power stations and other major industrial water systems. With fineness degrees of about 5 to 9 mm, the filter eliminates macro fouling from large volume flows, even beyond 100 000 m3/h.

Thus, turbine condensers and heat exchangers installed downstream are effectively protected from macro fouling. An outstanding feature of the PR-BW 800 from HMA Flow & Industrial is its unparalleled performance ratio, and its extraordinarily flexible adaptation capacities. This allows for the individual optimisation of process parameters.

Fields of application include operation in seawater, brackish water, river water, or other water sources; for the protection from macro fouling of objects installed downstream, such as
condensers and heat exchangers; in open cooling circuits with once-through cooling or recirculative cooling systems (cooling towers); and for protecting the water circuits of MSF seawater desalination plants from blockages caused by particle fouling.