PR-BW 600 High Performance Debris Filter

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FLO-DS-0152 Taprogee Filter PR-BW-600

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The PR-BW 600 from TAPROGGE, supplied by HMA Flow & Industrial, is a universally-applicable backwash filter in the high-performance class for volume flows from 1 800 to 50 000 m3/h, and filter fineness degrees between 5 and 9 mm. Based on nearly 30 years’ experience in the field of debris filtration of large volume flows, TAPROGGE developed a new filter concept with universal application.

This concept responds to common problems, while at the same time offering a high degree of standardisation. This impressive filter concept thus meets the general demands for high efficiency, safety, maintenance-friendliness, and installation possibilities under limited space conditions.

Fields of application include operation in seawater, brackish water, river water, or other water sources; for the protection from macro fouling of objects installed downstream, such as condensers and heat exchangers; in open cooling circuits with once-through cooling or recirculative cooling systems (cooling towers); and for the protection of cooling water circuits of MSF seawater desalination plants from blockage by particle fouling.”