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Uretech polyurethane from HMA Wear Solutions is an excellent wear-resistant lining that is quite easily installed inside pipelines. Different methods are deployed to line pipes, depending on the shape, size and length. Straight pipes are lined utilizing a spinning process, while bends, T-pieces, Y-pieces and other complex shapes are lined through a moulding process. Polyurethane-lined pipes are seamless on the inside and are bonded chemically to the steel, which improves the bonding between the steel and polyurethane dramatically. The manufacturing process allows for a continuous lining to be cast over the flange – which, in turn, acts as a gasket between installed pipes.

Uretech polyurethane from HMA Wear Linings is available in a maximum length of 6 m, with a lining thickness of 6 mm to 30 mm, a maximum temperature of 60°C, and a maximum diameter of 600 mm. The main features and benefits are wear and impact resistance, an excellent lining for steel and fibre pipes, a continuous lining (with no joints), bends, T and Y pieces, and an excellent replacement for rubber and steel.

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