Offline Boiler Cleaning

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HMA Power Generations high energy cleaning systems delivers unsurpassed boiler cleaning quality, in less time than conventional cleaning. Count on consistent quality, with a reliable cap on time and dollar expenditures. We provide an industry proven boiler cleaning service for solid fossil fuel users bituminous, subbituminous or lignite fired anywhere in Australia. Improves fuel efficiencies and increase megawatt production for longer periods of on-line running time.

Automated furnace cleaning system

  • Pre-programmed cleaning zones tailored to boiler and location
  • Boosted F&GS water supply for high pressure accurate operation
  • Remove the requirement for twin rope access
  • Specific nozzle design to reduce water usage / wastage
  • Fast set-up time allows for usage even on short outage durations
  • Easily mounted to boiler corner doors with mechanical aids to negate manual handling issues
  • Mobile system to be stored at site ready for short response times

Optimised offline cleaning solution

  • Reduced water usage
  • Maximum forced cooling effect for faster internal access
  • Automated to remove employees from harm
  • Engineered to reduce clean duration (permit to permit)
  • Tailored to meet your specific requirements
  • Scalable from large power boilers to smaller package boilers

Mobile system to meet your requirements

  • Ready to mobilise as short notice
  • Engineering support and pre outage planning
  • Streamlined process integrated into your existing plan
  • Fully trained and experienced technicians

Features & Benefits

  • Proven technology
  • Easily adaptable to be site specific
  • Health, Safety and Environmentally supportive.
  • Reduces dramatically the need for man access into the boiler.
  • Suitable for offline boiler cleaning.
  • Suitable for online gas off take cleaning.
  • Quality improvement through transparent procedures.
  • 24 hour service.
  • Reduced total megawatt losses due to boiler cleaning.