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SB 305 AU Eriez Australia Suspended Magnet
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Eriez Suspended Magnets from HMA Wear Solutions are used widely used to remove damaging tramp metals (ferrous/iron) from conveyed materials. These magnets improve product purity, and protect downstream crushers, mills, pulverisers, and grinders, or remove sharp metal that can damage or tear expensive conveyor belts.

Suspended magnets are used in a wide application range, hence the need for an array of both permanent and electromagnetic designs. Eriez Suspended Permanent Magnets from HMA Wear Solutions use ceramic magnetic material arranged in a specific pattern to create a powerful magnetic field. Each model is designed for the application in hand, based on conveyor width and speed and material burden depth, as well as the density or frequency of the tramp iron present in the process. The magnets are permanently charged, and hence require no external power source to function. Typical applications involve light industrial applications like wood, tyre chips, or light aggregate recycling.

For larger industrial separation applications, Eriez Electromagnetic Separators from HMA Wear Solutions are ideal. The popular round-core electromagnet uses round aluminium or copper wire in an oil-filled assembly to generate a powerful electromagnetic field. Eriez uses advanced, multidimensional finite element analysis to model each magnetic circuit, ensuring optimum performance for each unique application. These electromagnets efficiently remove ferrous metals in heavy industrial applications such as coal, limestone, sand, and other aggregates.

Eriez offers a variety of electromagnetic configurations, including oil and air-cooled, round and rectangular core, explosion-proof, and even cryogenic superconducting magnets capable of producing the world’s strongest magnetic force for separation applications.

Eriez Manual-Cleaning (MC) models from HMA Wear Solutions are cleaned of accumulated tramp iron by turning off magnet power periodically. MC models are recommended when occasional pieces or small amounts of iron may contaminate material flow. Eriez Self-Cleaning (SC) models from HMA Wear Solutions provide for completely automatic iron removal and can be installed in an ‘in-line’ or ‘cross-belt’ position. Both Eriez SC models have a short-belt conveyor built around the magnet for automatic removal of tramp iron from the magnet face. This system features a rubber conveyor belt, bearings, a rugged continuous channel frame, adjustable take-ups, and a shaft-mounted reducer with V-belt coupling to a TEFC motor.