Conn-Weld® Low Head / Horizontal Vibrating Screens

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From sub-zero to near-tropic installations, Conn-Weld Horizontal Vibrating Screens from HMA Wear Solutions have proven performance in a range of applications. The combination of a Conn-Weld Sieve and traditional G-Master welded body allows for low maintenance and high efficiency. The Conn-Weld tested painting system, shot blast to near-white metal, two-part epoxy undercoat and top coat guarantees that the equipment withstands the harshest operating conditions.

Durability is aided by a wide-body H-beam construction with twin H-beams at the feed and discharge ends for unmatched structural integrity. In addition, bodies can be custom-designed for specific application requirements. Options include an A-frame, pivoting motor base, wear liners, numerous media selections and hold-down systems, spray bar assembly, and customised feed systems (radial sieves, flat flume, and feed box.)