Leroy Somer Poulibloc Shaft Mounted Helical Gearbox

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FLO-DS-0003 Poulibloc
FLO-DS-0016 Shaft Mounted Gearbox
FLO-DS-0031 Poulibloc Installation
FLO-DS-0032 Poulibloc Back Stop Installation
FLO-DS-0033 Poulibloc Maintenance


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The Leroy Somer Poulibloc 2000 or PB range of gearboxes from HMA Flow & Industrial is arguably the best shaft- mounted gearbox available on the market. The flexibility of the unique taper bush mounting system makes the gearbox the most versatile for use in quarry applications.

The ability to remachine the Poulibloc mounting bush means that it can be matched to any head drum shaft, whether metric or Imperial, negating the need to change the drum shaft, or the use of clumsy adaptor reduction bushes, which often result in the need to use oversized gearboxes. Poulibloc’s unique mounting bush system utilises a C spanner, supplied with every gearbox, to allow the gearbox to be drawn onto the shaft and clamped. This also acts as a press tool to remove the gearbox, eliminating the need cut off drum shafts.