Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Balls

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FLO-DS-0154 Taprogee Cleaning Balls

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Taprogge from HMA Flow & Industrial has been designing and supplying water circuit cleaning technologies for over 50 years. Today, Taprogge filtration and condenser tube cleaning systems are found in all industries, particularly in power stations, desalination plants, refrigeration and industrial applications. Taprogge systems are specifically engineered to suit each application. With over 10,000 Taprogge systems installed in cooling water circuits around the world, Taprogge has developed a comprehensive knowledge of the best solution for fouling problems with most cooling water qualities and tube materials. Maximum thermal and financial benefits of any condenser tube cleaning system can only be achieved with the correct maintenance, cleaning ball selection and mode of operation. HMA can assist you in selecting the best condenser tube cleaning system for your site and ensuring that your system is performing to its full capacity.