G-Tech Classification Cyclones (GTC)

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WEA-DS-0014 Scrolled Evolute Inlet
WEA-DS-0022 GTC Cyclones
WEA-DS-0025 GTech Cyclones

WEA-CS-0001 Classification Cyclones

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Cyclones are an extremely fast, efficient way of separating materials, based on density and size. HMA Wear Solutions specialises in the design and manufacture of superior lined ceramic equipment. Utilising our unique manufacturing equipment and processes ensures that our product exceeds industry expectations.

The GTech range of Classification (GTC) Cyclones from HMA Wear Cyclones is the accumulation of such experience, offering superior cyclone performance throughout its operating life, along with supporting process guarantees. Features include a scrolled evolute inlet for high separation efficiency, reduced wear, and increased operating capacities; a parallel throat spigot for increased optimal performance; and optimal ceramic selection that maximises component operating life.