Fine Filtration Backwash Filter

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FLO-DS-0148 Taprogge Dynamic filter

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The Dynamicfilter from TAPROGGE, supplied by HMA Flow & Industrial, is testament to the fact that, even in a well-researched field such as fine filtration, there is still room for innovation. The idea is quite simple: By combining two well-known principles, namely dynamic backwash and active filter elements, TAPROGGE has succeeded in developing an amazingly simple and extremely effective filtration solution, with impressive results in terms of price-performance ratio.

Filter cleaning is effected automatically, without interruption of flow. The filter has been extended to a complete series, and covers the filtration needs for fineness degrees of 50 µm up to 5 mm, with volume flows from 18 to 4 000 m3/h.

Applications include protection of objects installed downstream, such as pre-filtration or the final filtration stage in seawater, brackish water, river water, well water, cooling water, cooling tower make-up water, fire extinguishing water, spray water, service water, drinking water, process water, waste water, emulsions, and product liquids. A special application is the filtration of mussel larvae, while it can also be applied as a partial flow filter.”