Electric Rotary Vibrators

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FLO-DS-0018 Vibrating Motors MVE


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Electric rotary vibrators are used in heavy duty industrial applications, such as vibrating screens, dewatering screens, conveyors, feeders, spiral elevators, grizzly feeders, vibrating fluid beds, foundry shake-outs, and pre-fab moulds, among others.

The MVE-series Electric External Motovibrator Range from HMA Flow & Industrial has been successfully used by the global mining and construction industry, as well as by other industrial sectors for many years. These Rotary Motor vibrators guarantee long-term durability, reflecting the care taken with component selection and the high-precision manufacturing process. With fully adjustable weights from 0% to 100 % force, the units can be customised for specific requirements.

Features include an aluminium frame from size 10 to 50, ductile cast iron from size 60 to 90, and grey cast iron from size 10 to 90, windings for 2,4,6 and 8 poles three-phase asynchronous motors from size 10 to 90, 2-pole single phase from size 10 to 30, all motors are vacuum-impregnated (VPI System), PTC thermistor 130°C standard from size 60, Class F (155°C), continuous service (S1), and a steel alloy shaft that is highly stress-resistant to stress.

Eccentric weights are completely adjustable, with the scale expressing the centrifugal force as a percentage of the maximum centrifugal force. Ball bearings range from size 10 to 50 and roller bearings from size 50 (for some types only) to 90 (C3 clearance). Covers are aluminium alloy from size 10 to 50 and steel from size 60 to 90. Stainless steel AISI 304 is available for direct current motovibrators. For explosion-proof applications, all the covers are made from stainless steel. The polyester epoxy powder painting has a standard colour (RAL 2004).