Conn-Weld® Dewatering Vibrating Screens

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Dewatering represents one of the toughest challenges in screening. Conn-Weld Dewatering Vibrating Screens from HMA Wear Solutions have been designed so that the feed end is declined at 45°, with the main deck inclined at 5°, allowing for a thick bed depth that traps fine particles and allows water to drain. Combined with the Conn-Weld G-Master Mechanism, also available from HMA Wear Solutions, these Dewatering Vibrating Screens offer a premium, high-performance solution for the most arduous dewatering duties.

Advantages of the Conn-Weld Dewatering Vibrating Screens from HMA Wear Solutions are a high capacity and rapid dewatering, customised for above-ground or underground installation, oil-lubricated roller bearings with patented reservoirs, a heavy-duty deck-support frame, and maximum performance in conjunction with minimum maintenance. Options include a feed box, underflow pan, sub-base, ceramic and UHMW lining, A-frame, pivoting motor base, and a variety of easily replaceable screen surfaces.