Cooling Water Intake System (TAPIS)

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TAPIS (TAPROGGE Air Powered Intake System) from HMA Flow & Industrial is an important milestone in the progress of effective and environmentally compatible pre-screening systems. Except for its primary task, protecting pumps in cooling water circuits from macro fouling, it has nothing in common with the traditional pre-screening systems as far as design, operation, and maintenance are concerned.

TAPIS from HMA Flow & Industrial combines the functions of the classic multi-stage pre-screening systems in a single stage, saving on building costs. TAPIS is a system for the mechanical treatment of water at the place of extraction by means of hydrophysical principles. This is achieved without the need to separate the debris from the water.

This saves the constantly increasing cost for the environmentally-friendly disposal of debris. TAPIS® operates at low flow velocities. In addition, it is fish-friendly, and protects aquatic life. TAPIS® does not require movable parts in the water, and is fully automatic. This reduces maintenance costs and guarantees system availability.

TAPIS has a modular structure, meaning it is easily adjustable to output and local topology. All this has been accomplished by two very effective developments of TAPROGGE that are combined in TAPIS, namely a special polyhedron geometry for the screens that, in turn, allows for an extremely effective backwash of the screens. In addition, special Cling-Free elements have been optimised to respond to the fouling typology in surface water.