The three-roll offset trough roller and frame assembly is available in a variety of commonly installed belt widths, with differing angles suitable for specific locations along the conveyor or to alternate applications. HMA Flow & Industrial standard assemblies range from 450 mm through to 1200 mm. All HMA Flow & Industrial conveyor trough rollers have been engineered to employ a superior triple-layer sealing solution consisting of a high-quality 2RS C3 Deep Grove Ball Bearings offering greater protection from dust and water ingress than the more commonly-used ZZ bearing; grease-filled labyrinth seals for additional protection for the bearings; and a rubber face seal as primary ingress protection.

Vibration is the one of the primary sources of wear and ultimately failure. HMA Flow & Industrial conveyor trough rollers are tested to internationally-recognised standards, ensuring they surpass minimum tolerances for steel quality, dynamic balance, and rolling resistance. High-quality components and manufacturing processes ensure lower vibration and lower noise, resulting in long-lasting and reliable service, saving time and money.