Conveyor Impact Trough Rollers

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FLO-DS-0008 Conveyor Rollers
FLO-DS-0024 Impact Trough Roller


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Impact Rollers and Frames from HMA Flow & Industrial are ideal for the use at any point where product is in free fall, whether at the loading point of the belt conveyor, or at transfer points in the system. The hard-wearing rubber will assist to absorb the impact of the conveyed product as it lands on the conveyor belt, reducing damage to the conveyor belt surface, and ensuring longer service life.

HMA Flow & Industrial Impact Rollers feature the same high-quality internal construction as the HMA Flow & Industrial Steel Roller. This includes the same AS1045 steel shaft and superior sealed 2RS C3 bearings as part of the triple-layer sealing solution. Robust heat-resistant rubber discs are evenly spaced along the length of the roller to provide consistent support to the belt, while reacting to the unpredictable nature of impacts sustained during the loading of the conveyor.

The HMA Flow & Industrial Impact Frame has additional bracing to handle the forces placed upon it, while maintaining the same mounting points and anti-corrosive features of the standard HMA Flow & Industrial Trough Frame. It is recommended for use at the loading point of the conveyor, in conjunction with HMA Flow & Industrial Impact Rollers. The range from HMA Flow & Industrial is constantly adapting to meet industry needs, with specialty rollers and frames made to order.