HMA Wear Solutions’ applicators, backed by a long-established technical and supervisory staff, offer a unique service to a wide cross-section of industries, from power to minerals processing, cement, chemicals, steel and coal. HMA Wear Solutions has particular experience in the use of a diverse range of lining materials such as Basalt, Alumina, Sitech, polyurethane and quarry tiles. Vessels and plant items include transfer chutes, sluiceways, launders, and cyclones, etc.

HMA Wear Solutions’ Ceramic Chute Lining processes include consideration of critical parameters such as surface preparation and treatment, and correct Chute Lining bedding and Chute Lining joining materials. Chute Lining material flow pattern, together with the identification of areas of turbulence and high abrasion or corrosion, are also a few examples of where HMA Wear Solutions’ experience in Ceramic Chute Linings can prevent the cause of unnecessary and premature Chute Lining failures.

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