B&W Diamond Power Titanium Series Controls

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Sentry-Series Controls

SentrySeries 100 and 200 control systems provide a cost effective programmable logic control (PLC) for modular solutions.

The SentrySeries 100 and 200 control systems provide an industrial touch screen work station. Designed to provide control for up to 48 sootblowers, these foundation systems provide cost effective, easy-to-configure cleaning solutions which provide an easy path for system upgrades.

The Sentry Series 100 is our entry level control system capable of controlling 16-32 sootblowers all via a colour touch screen. The SentrySeries 200 incorporates multiple programmable sequences and an option for DCS interface. This system can control up to 48 sootblowers via a 12-15” colour touch screen.

Both the Sentry Series 100 and 200 incorporate header control and motor current monitoring for a complete control solution.