B&W Diamond Power Sootblower Progressive Helix Mechanism (PHM)

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B&W Diamond Power Sootblower Progressive Helix Mechanism PHM

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Progressive Helix Mechanism

The patented Progressive Helix Mechanism (PHM) improves nozzle cleaning coverage by incrementally changing the nozzle path. This precision-geared indexing mechanism precisely shifts the nozzle starting position every cycle for more complete cleaning and reduced tube erosion damage.

User Benefits: Improves cleaning Reduces tube erosion; in many cases eliminating the need for tube shields Prolongs lance tube life: Combats lance tube sagging Reduces lance inside diameter corrosion Prevents lance outside diameter build-up Distributes lance-roller wear over full lance surface


  • Suitable for Most long Retractable Blowers
  • Recommended for High Blowing Pressures and Frequent Cycles

Features & Benefits

  • Longer Lance Life
  • Less Tube Erosion
  • Improved Cleaning
  • Simple Installation
  • Precise Indexing
  • Higher Efficiency
  • Reduced Operation and Maintenance Cost