B&W Diamond Power IK-545 SPWL Long Retractable Waterblower

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B&W Diamond Power IK-545 SPWL Long Retractable Waterblower

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The Selective Pattern Waterlance provides effective cleaning on tenacious slag deposits that conventional steam or air cleaning cannot fully remove. Our unique waterlance design combines a high performance variable speed drive with accurate position sensors and PLC-based programmability. Each Selective Pattern Waterlance is custom-programmed by Diamond Power engineers for specific boiler surfaces to maximize coverage and control effects on tube life by avoiding areas that can be damaged by water impact. Selective Pattern Waterlance is available on HMA Power Generations entire range of IK series sootblowers.

As utilities decide to burn lower quality fuels for either economic or compliance reasons, plants are expected to maintain capacity factors to meet load requirements. The Selective Patternï Waterlance is the right tool to safely and effectively clean radiant heat transfer surfaces.


  • Furnace walls
  • Nose and hopper slopes
  • Furnace center walls
  • Wing walls
  • Superheater pendants and platens