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The Basalux lining technique from HMA Wear Solutions is a combination of Basalt and Alumina. The basalux lining technique has been developed to increase bend wear life over that of full Basalt-lined bends and, at the same time, provide a significant cost reduction over that of full Alumina-lined piping. This is achieved by applying the high-wearing Alumina ceramic to the extrados of the bend, and the Basalt ceramic to the intrados. This lining combination is only possible due to the unique lining process developed by HMA Wear Solutions.

Basalt can be cast and shaped into almost any shape, and is well-suited for the following applications: Lining of piping for mineral slurries and pneumatic conveyed materials, chute linings under screen, cyclone linings, scraper conveyors, conical sumps, blast-furnace bunkers, coal load-out facilities, ports and rail junctions, and ash sluice linings.

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