Conn-Weld® Banana Style Vibrating Screens

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Conn-Weld Banana Vibrating Screens from HMA Wear Solutions offer high-capacity screening, a multiple slope, a thin bed depth, improved efficiencies, and 3.1 s and 4.1 s mechanisms with adjustable outboard counterweights, in addition to twin H-beams at the feed and discharge ends. Options include a range of cross-member wear liners (rubber, ceramic, urethane, steel), an isolation base, a key-lock system, a range of side plate wear liners (AR, urethane, mild steel), and a choice of screen surface.

Conn-Weld from HMA Wear Solutions offers experienced application engineers to ensure optimal equipment selection. From fitting a banana screen into an existing structure, or favouring larger screens for Greenfield installations, Conn-Weld pays attention to the specific requirements of every individual customer.

These multi-sloped banana vibrating screens from HMA Wear Solutions replace the traditional curved sieve, with the horizontal combination in particular contributing to the thin bed depth. They can be paired with Conn-Weld Flat Flume Sieves from HMA Wear Solutions for increased capacity and separation efficiency. Both single- and double-deck banana vibrating screens are available, in sizes from 14′ x 24′ to 6′ x 20′.