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WEA-DS-0013 Alumax

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HMA Wear Solutions Alumax is a breakthrough in the wear performance and casting ability of Alumina based ceramics. Alumax is a high-performance industrial and scientific ceramic product. The material has been proven to outperform ISO Pressed Alumina and can be cast in very large components. No other company in the world can produce components of comparable size.
Alumax from HMA Wear Solutions is a high-purity, high-density, fine-grained, Alumina of the highest quality and performance. It is a hard, chemically inert, heat-resistant, electrically insulating material that exhibits a high mechanical and dielectric strength. Alumax is manufactured in batch runs in simple or intricate shapes, thick or thin, large or small, with very good as-formed tolerances. This high-performance industrial and scientific ceramic has been manufactured by HMA Wear Solutions for over a decade.

Applications for Alumax from HMA Wear Solutions include heavy industry materials-handling (coal-fired power stations, pulverised fuel and ash lines), mining and minerals/chemicals processing (pipelines, cyclones, spray nozzles, flow constrictors, and valve parts), and insulators (electrical insulators: electrostatic precipitators, emission control systems, and heat insulators: heater supports).

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