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AeroTech from HMA Wear Solutions is a ceramic bonding process that produces components featuring the wear resistance of ceramics and the impact resistance of steel. It allows the ceramic-lined item to flex and bend, without compromising the integrity of the bond. It has been proven in applications such as high-speed dynamic fan blades in the dust extraction and cement industries. AeroTech from HMA Wear Solutions is also more cost-effective than conventional epoxy adhesives in applications where continual maintenance is required, and where reliability and predictability in terms of maintenance is important.

When Alumina ceramic lining is used to replace steel, the weight of the equipment can be reduced significantly, as our exclusive process enables us to replace a portion of the steel with the ceramic, which is 50% lighter. AeroTech from HMA Wear Solutions offers two distinct benefits over standard ceramics bonded with epoxy adhesive: More consistent and predictable operating life, and it expands the scope of application where ceramic tiles are suited.

Additional advantages are increased impact resistance, an ideal solution for dynamic applications, existing equipment can be lined without redesign, lightweight, numerous substrates and materials, and extremely high reliability in critical processes. Typical applications are fans and blowers, vibratory equipment, pug mill paddles, screw conveyors, mixers and agitators, coal valves, coal feeders, wear panels, rotary airlocks, classifier cones, cyclones, pipework, and chute work.

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