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WEA-CS-0035 Cobre Panama project

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HMA Wear Solutions offers a range of adhesives suitable for pipe repairs: Megapoxy H is a low-viscosity epoxy resin that is hydrophilic, and therefore ideal for repairs to cracked concrete, and underwater and splash-zone repairs. Megapoxy H from HMA Wear Solutions is a Volatile Organic Compound Free (Nil VOC). It is suitable for repairing structures in contact with potable water. It complies with AS/NZS 4020:2005 ‘Testing of Products for Use in Contact with Drinking Water’. Megapoxy H is resistant to hydrogen sulphide, often present in pipes and plants used for sewage treatment.

Megapoxy PF is a rapid-set epoxy paste adhesive for civil engineering applications that sets in seven minutes, attaining more than half its ultimate strength within 15 minutes of mixing. Megapoxy PF ‘hardens-as-you-hold-it’ for immediate on-the-spot emergency repairs to tanks, pipes, machinery, and concrete structures, etc.

Megapoxy PM is a gap-filling epoxy paste adhesive for civil engineering use. It is formulated specifically as a non-sag epoxy-filling paste and adhesive. This easy-to-use two-part epoxy product sets after mixing, with excellent properties ideal for an array of applications. In terms of bonding these include precast concrete articles, grouting bolts, natural stones, bricks and ceramics, and metals. Filling and repair applications are concrete pipes and tanks, fibreglass articles, concrete floors and stairs, concrete columns, and on-site formed concrete.