High Performance Brushless AC Servo Motors from HMA Flow & Industrial provide fast response, and are designed to ensure maximum in-field durability and reliability. The motors offer an extremely high torque-to-inertia ratio in a compact, optimally-designed package. The BSM 50N/63N/80N/90N/100N range incorporates ultra-low inertia Neodymium magnets for a performance level comparable to rare earth magnets, but with lower cost advantages. BSM 80B/90B/100B motors provide high performance and cost-effectiveness for normal applications.

The BSM C Series Motors from HMA Flow & Industrial are the most cost-effective Baldor brushless servo motor per unit of torque. The motors feature a new ring magnet rotor design incorporating Neodymium magnet material. Major advantages include a 20% to 50% increase in torque, and a reduced motor length when compared with the B series ferrite magnet motors. C series motors are also available in the BSM100 size.