“The model palette of MobyDick from HMA Materials Handling is built on eight base models, with an extensive range of design variations to meet individual customer needs. MobyDick Wheel Washing Systems from HMA Materials Handling are used worldwide in many varied applications. Understanding your particular problem is the starting point for us in putting together the best suited MobyDick system, individually matching the pump performance and solving the water recycling.

MobyDick Mobile: The mobile drive-through unit for short-term applications. The MobyDick Mobile can be used in all situations where ground excavation is not allowed or desired.

MobyDick Quick 400: The optimal solution for gravel pits, quarries, job sites, recycling or industrial plants with a lighter degree of soiling. The wash area allows for one complete wash of the whole tyre.

MobyDick Quick 667: The wash area allows for two complete revolutions of a truck wheel, therefore making this model suitable for a medium degree of soiling. The wash effect can be intensified by additionally increasing the pump performance.

MobyDick Quick 939: The large drive-through unit, coupled with the appropriate pump performance, is able to handle extreme traffic volume with heavily soiled trucks.

MobyDick Junior: The compact roller unit for job sites and smaller landfills. Even sticky sludge between the dual wheels and in the tyre profiles will be completely washed out. Uncomplicated and rapid installation makes it also suitable for short-term applications.

MobyDick Duo: A roller unit capable of washing two axles simultaneously, therefore decreasing the total wash time per truck.

MobyDick Multi: The roller unit for cleaning all truck axles simultaneously. This is the largest roller unit, and especially suitable for large landfills.

MobyDick Ultra: A special unit that is individually custom-designed to meet a customer’s particular requirement. As a combination of the roller and drive through technology and/or with an extreme pump performance, it is capable of washing a high volume of extremely soiled trucks.