HMA Power Generation/Diamond Power (Australia) Pty Ltd have been supplying sootblowers to the Australia and New Zealand markets for over 50 years.

A sootblower is a device for removing the soot that is deposited on the internal furnace tubes of a boiler during combustion to prevent plugging of the gas passes and maintain boiler efficiency.

Most common types of sootblowers:

  • Furnace wall sootblower IR (Insertable Rotating) for cleaning the wall on which it is attached
  • Long retractable sootblower IK (Insertable Kinetic) for cleaning the convection pass
  • Generating bank and economiser sootblower G9B for fully inserted rotating element
  • Rake sootblower for cleaning economiser and finned tubes
  • Air heater sootblower for rotating assemblies

Steam is normally used as a medium for blowing away the soot since capital cost of steam pressure reducing equipment and drain is less than the cost of compressors, motors and control of air systems. Water is also common for furnace cleaning.

HMA Power Generation is a proud member of the HMA Group of companies that have been servicing the Australian market in excess of 50 years. Combined with the more than 100 years of experience of Diamond Power International, Inc we offer industry leading solutions for Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Petrochemical and Heavy Industries

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