Solitel Vibrating Rod Level Switches from HMA INSTRUMENTATION provide reliable level detection of powders and bulk solids. These compact, integral switches are suitable for high- or low-level detection in hoppers or silos. They can also be used for plugged chute detection. The single-piece probe and the unique self-clean cycle avoid problems of build-up. Sensitivity of the instrument can be adjusted to detect a variety of solid materials, ranging from heavy granular materials to light powders.

The Solitel rod vibrates at a frequency of 350 Hz. When in contact with the media, the vibration is dampened. The attenuation of the vibration is detected by the integral mount electronics, which change the state of the relay. The unique self-clean feature is activated when the vibration is dampened. The self-clean circuitry increases the amplitude of the vibration to dislodge any build-up that may have occurred.