The SmartBob C-100 Console is the easiest way to remotely initiate and view measurements from multiple SmartBob2 or SmartBob-TS1 sensors. This compact, manually-operated console provides fast measurement readings from one up to 128 SmartBob sensors at a single location … with the push of a button. The SmartBob Console can be used alone or integrated into a network using eBob software. It provides basic, local control and monitoring of a single SmartBob remote or a network of up to 128 SmartBob remotes at a networked site.

Just one SmartBob C-100 Console can measure up to 128 SmartBob sensors on a single network – whereas previously, one Remote Start Unit (RSU) was required for each SmartBob. This 1:128 versus a 1:1 ratio means a SmartBob system requires far less equipment to measure many more vessels, making it an extremely cost-effective solution. A Modbus compatible version – the C – 1 0 0 M B – provides a communication interface between the Modbus master and the SmartBob sensors.