In terms of Liquid Level Switches for Level Measurement, HMA Instrumentation offers:

Flexicap Continuous Level Indicating/Control System: The Hawker Flexicap Continuous Level Indicating/Control System from HMA Instrumentation is suitable for water-based liquids, mineral and vegetable oils, hydrocarbons, acids, and process blends, etc. It is a fully digitised instrument, with all functions set by means of a user-friendly keypad.
X90 Point Level Monitor: The Ronan X90 Point Level Monitor from HMA Instrumentation detects the presence or absence of material at a given point in a tank, hopper, chute, or process pipe. All components are mounted externally to the process vessel, making the system ideal for monitoring hazardous materials.

PROCAP Capacitance Level Sensors: BinMaster PROCAP capacitance sensors from HMA INSTRUMENTATION detect the presence or absence of material in contact with the probe by sensing a change in capacitance caused by the difference in the dielectric constant of the vessel material and air. These sensors must be able to sense very small changes in capacitance, typically one picofarad.

Vertical Float Level Switch (FLS Series): HMA Instrumentation supplies a versatile range of vertical float level switches from Measurement Resources, available as top or side mount. These switches are used extensively throughout most industries, and offer switching options from single point through to multipoint systems.

Horizontal Float Level Switches: Kuebler horizontal magnetic float switches from HMA Instrumentation are used for monitoring and controlling liquid media and may be installed into vessels and tanks which meet the technical requirements, i.e. which are designed for the according operating parameters.