Valve Control

Solenoids, limit switch boxes, proximity switches, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic positioners and single loop process controllers.

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Control Fluid Flow Reliably with Our Valve Control Range

Are you looking for reliable valve control solutions? If so, the HMA Group can help. Our Flow and Industrial division are known throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond for dependable motors, conveyor products, gearboxes, power transmission tools, gearboxes, flow control valves and much more. Our valve control range, which includes pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, solenoid valves, proximity switches, modulating smart positioners, limit switch boxes and more. The selection of these components is a crucial part of successfully fluid control in a rapidly automating environment.

Benefits of Our Valve Control Products

When you purchase valve control solutions or splitter box controllers from the HMA Group, you can expect quality products that give you reliable control overflow rates, pressure, temperature and more. The reliability and durability of our components yield numerous major benefits for your processes, including:

  • Improved product feedback. In all operating environments, being able to maintain exact flow rates and monitor process conditions is crucial for control optimisation. Our valve control solutions offer improved flow control functions such a position feedback, on/off control, or the ability to modulate valve positions to a high accuracy.
  • Stable Performance. Controlling every aspect of your production process—including flow requires solutions that are reliable and of a high quality to ensure performance is maintained.
  • Operational efficiency. Keeping your plant running efficiently is crucial to your bottom line, from maximising profit margins to hitting your production quotas. The parts we sell are all designed and tested with maximum plant reliability & efficiency in mind.

What You Can Expect from HMA Group Regarding Flow, Temperature and Pressure Control Valves

When you choose the HMA Group as your supplier for valve control products, you can count on us to provide what you need—in more ways than one. Here are a few areas in which we excel:

    • Offering a diverse product range. From ¼ turn actuator options to liner actuation to proximity sensors to valve positioners to limit switch boxes to solenoid valves, we offer a variety of valve control products to suit your every need.
    • Carrying parts and products that go far beyond valves. Valve Control products are just a small part of what we offer as a company. The HMA Group is a collective of many businesses that have joined forces over the years. Our Flow and Industrial division offers valves, actuators, motors, gearboxes and other essential control components for industrial applications. We also have divisions for Materials Handling, Wear Solutions, Instrumentation, Power Generation and Geotechnical. If you are looking for a specific industrial part or component, we likely have it!
    • Supporting a global footprint. We aren’t just an Australian company. Our status as a collective of multiple different businesses that have joined together over the years has helped us establish a truly global footprint. Not only do we sell our products across numerous countries—including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and even South Africa—we also offer products from many globally respected brands that aren’t always easy to find.

About the HMA Group

We have been operating since 1966, slowly expanding our footprint and acquiring or merging with new businesses. Today, we have a considerable footprint spanning many industries, clients and countries. Explore our entire company timeline today, or give us a call to start the conversation about your flow, temperature or pressure control valve requirements.