The Matsushima Vibrating Rod Level Switches from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is the best solution for fine powder. It is also applicable for low specific gravity powder. Features include a lightweight and robust construction for easy maintenance. The switches emit a detection signal when the probe detection area, which is vibrating at a constant frequency, is covered by a material. Since the constant frequency is adjustable, it is possible to detect various powders from fine powder such as toner to plastic pellets.

Features include level detection for fine powder material, a tuning fork type detection method, an installation Rl screw, a probe length from 275 mm up to 15 000 mm, contact output SPDT×1, AC250V 5A (resistance load), low power consumption (15 VA). Applications include carbon black tanks, fly ash silos, low specific gravity dehydrated cake hoppers, fine powdered dust silos, toner tanks, and teraphthalic acid tanks.