Kaydon Oil Conditioning

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Kaydon’s turbine oil conditioners are designed to remove solid particles, water, and varnish from turbine oil. Large- and medium-size turbines with reservoir sizes up to 45 500 litres can be conditioned using the Turbo-TOC & BCA systems. These oil conditioning systems are used as an off-line ‘kidney loop’ system to condition turbine oil in a turbine oil reservoir. The systems are ideal for turbine oil lube systems, and are used for steam turbines, combustion (gas) turbines, and hydroelectric turbines.

Turbine oil contaminants can lead to turbine failure and unscheduled maintenance. The installation of a Kaydon Turbo-TOC turbine oil conditioning system can quickly and efficiently remove harmful water and particulates from turbine lubrication oils, and maintain the turbine oil to manufacturer specifications. The addition of a BCA ion exchange system provides a varnish removal system to remove unwanted varnish coating of metallic parts.

Turbo-TOC KL Series Oil Conditioning System
The Turbo-TOC KL Series Oil Conditioning System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION features advanced pleated coalescing and separating technology to remove water and particulate contamination quickly from turbine oil-lubricated equipment. Each self-contained system has an easy-to-use K-Touch technology control panel with PLC controller for fully-automated operation and built-in process diagnostics. It has a water-removal capability to under 100 PPM, and can suit any oil reservoir, from 1 to 135 GPM.

Kaydon Vacuum Distillation Systems
Kaydon from HMA INSTRUMENTATION supplies true vacuum distillation, as opposed to mass transfer, systems capable of removing water and particulates from higher viscosity and surfactant-laden lubricating oils. The systems have a water-removal capability of under 70 PPM, and can be customised to higher flow rates according to application requirements.

Custom-designed Kaydon Co-VAC Systems
Custom-designed Kaydon Co-VAC Systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION combine Kaydon coalescing/separating and vacuum distillation technology into a single fully automatic system. It is an ideal solution for the removal of large quantities of water quickly, and to maintain the lubricating oil in the equipment at the driest level possible.

Kaydon Clean Fuel Inc. (CFI) Fuel Guardian Systems
The Kaydon Clean Fuel Inc. (CFI) Fuel Guardian Systems from HMA INSTRUMENTATION feature Kaydon coalescing and separating technology tailored specifically to maintain the cleanest and driest fuel in diesel storage tanks. It dries and filters stored diesel continually to levels exceeding the recommendations by major diesel engine manufacturers. This maintains the integrity of the fuel, reduces disposal costs, and eliminates yearly reservoir cleaning.

Kaydon 900-914 Sump Separator System
The Kaydon 900-914 Sump Separator System from HMA INSTRUMENTATION is a custom-engineered sumping system based on Kaydon’s coalescing technology for the refinery and fuel-distribution market. The system drastically reduces operator interface and error, eliminating potential fuel loss in the sumping process. The explosion-proof system ensures safe operation, making the sumping process as simple as pushing a button.