Kaydon Filtration

“Kaydon Filtration has set the standard in turbine oil conditioning and diesel fuel purification for the past 80 years. Commencing with the Bowser-Briggs 832P gravity type turbine oil conditioner, introduced in 1939, and progressing to the current Turbo TOC Turbine Oil Conditioning Systems created in 1987, Kaydon Filtration has continued to respond to specific turbine oil contamination needs. Since the first Bowser Filter Separators (BFS) were introduced in the 1940s, and revised in the 1960s as the 851 filter/separator, Kaydon has continued to equip bulk diesel fuel users with reliable fuel/water separation equipment during fuel transfer operations. Kaydon’s expertise lies in turbine oil conditioning and diesel fuel purification.

Reliable oil and fuel provides long-term equipment protection. Every industry benefits from reliable fuel purification and oil conditioning. Kaydon Filtration works with companies around the world to meet their fluid cleanliness requirements. We routinely produce oil and fuel purification solutions for the following industries: Power generation, diesel fuel handling operations, petrochemical and refineries, marine, mining, pulp and paper, steel and aluminium, and OEM and custom requirements.