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HMA Power Generation enhances boiler fuel efficiency to improve profitability and decrease pollution at Ombilin power station in Indonesia. The unique Greenbank CoalFlo® damper and pulverised fuel metering system, installed as a complete fuel balancing solution, has provided this regional power station with the means to review, monitor and adjust consistency and balance of fuel into the burners.
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HMA Wear Solutions has completed a major US$1.5 million contract to manufacture 279 ceramic-lined pipes – including all fasteners, gaskets, and pipe supports – for an upgrade project at the Ombilin power station in remote Sawah Luto in West Sumatra, Indonesia. This ageing power station was experiencing major issues in terms of efficiency – especially in and around its pulverised fuel delivery system, resulting in increased emissions from incomplete combustion.
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Utilities have hundreds of transformer substations. In each substation, there are usually several transformers. Each transformer contains a high volume of cooling oil.
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Fuel fired power generation plants have several oil storage tanks for feeding fuel to the power units. Coal or gas fired power generation plants also have oil storage tanks to be used for start-up or as a back-up energy source.
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Water may carry oil leaked from turbine bearings and lubricating/cooling systems into deep sumps built under the turbines. In most plants, pumps installed at the bottom of the sump discharge the water directly to the river.
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A Califonia refinery produces xylene for use as a commercial product and a precursor for petrochemical manufacturing. A primary component to the products of xylene is the isolation and purification of the chemical from a complex mixture of petroleum hydrocarbons.
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A municipal power plant in the southern United States operates more than 10 stationary power plant engines capable of producing 52 megawatts of electric power. The plant is part of a larger statewide power grid system.
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Port Augusta Power Station in South Australia is now enjoying a safe and secure onsite supply of hydrogen from HOGEN. This means that they would no longer need to rely on bottled gas by gas suppliers and take advantage of extreme high purity of 99.9999% hydrogen produced by causticfree electrolysis.