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Features & Benefits

  • Accuracy +/-0.5%
  • Trade Metrology-grade accuracy. Approval number SA-1350, OIML compliant
  • Weight distribution measurement and Overload Indication
  • Full rollback and reversal support
  • Support for Automatic Vehicle Identification (ATA, AAR, Gen-II)
  • Designed to be autonomous to operation
  • Retrofit technology means no cutting of rail or replacement of sleepers, facilitating safe and fast installation & repair
  • Low power, robust and reliable microprocessor-based system (no operating system)
  • Various models are available to cater for differing accuracy, operational and speed requirements
  • Automatic net mass calculation
  • Intuitive reporting software requires a lower level of skill and reduced training time
  • Direct process integration or reporting to PC/PLC, with email distribution available
  • Optional solar powering
  • Remote diagnostics