HPump™ Surface Pumping System

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HPump™ Surface Pumping System

The HPump™ Surface Pumping System from Baker Hughes is a no-compromise surface fluid pumping solution you can trust. Designed with the aim to provide you with a highly efficient and reliable product whilst also reducing downtime, maintenance requirements, and environmental impact, the HPump™ enables you to take control of your fluid transfer cost across upstream, midstream, and industrial applications.

The HPump™ system uses adapted CENtrilift™ Electrical Submersible Pumping (ESP) technology to deliver leak-free fluid transfer with unmatched operationally flexibility. The multistage centrifugal pump is combined with a horizontal thrust chamber (HTC) and an industrial foot-mounted electrical motor to provide a rugged, skid-mounted package. The HPump™ can accommodate flow rates from 1 to 850 m3/h (250 to 130,00 BFPD), power up to 1865 kW (2,500 hp), and pressures up to 43,100 kPa (6,250psi) which, coupled with the Baker Hughes Electrospeed™ Advantage, gives you precise control over your production rates over a broad operating range without the need to change out pumps. The rugged HTC design can handle wide temperature variations in harsh environments and the skid-mounted systems can also be housed and are easily moved. In addition, the no leak, low emission, low noise, no vibration, and ability to be painted design, reduce your operation’s environmental impact. HPump™ components can handle solids and abrasives with abrasion-resistant materials and technology, and stage coatings to help prevent build-up. The HPump’s™ modular design also makes it easily serviceable and allows you to change, upgrade and repair the system quickly, and eliminates the need for third-party inspections. After thousands of installations worldwide, customers routinely report up to 65% reductions in lifecycle costs*.

The HPump is Available for a broad range of upstream, midstream, and industrial applications including:

  • Enhanced oil recovery (CO2 and water injection)
  • Water disposal
  • Frac water recycling
  • Crude oil transfer
  • Fluid boosting
  • Fluid transfer
  • Chemical treatment
  • Amine pumping
  • Sulphur and NGL pumping
  • Fluid and chemical staging and transfer
  • Distillate transfer
  • Mining
  • Petroleum operations
  • Geothermal operations
  • Municipal operations

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*see linked brochures for more information.