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Hawker Electronics

Hawker Electronics Ltd. was established in 1963 to manufacture products to provide level control and indication for liquids and free-flowing powder and granular products. Over the years, Hawker has become an industry byword in level control, supplying a diverse market, particularly the water and wastewater sector, as well as environmental, chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper, food, marine, bulk-handling, and many more. Knowledgeable engineers are available to advise on specific applications.

Hawker is BS EN ISO 9001:2015 accredited. Its products are manufactured at its Birmingham factory, and are available ex stock or on short delivery. Variations to suit special client requirements can often be accommodated. Conductivity-operated equipment provides a simple, reliable method for level control and alarm of electrically-conducting liquids and products. Typical applications include control/alarm for water storage tanks, drainage sumps, sewage Sumps, chemical storage tanks, slurry, and food products.

Capacitance-operated equipment can be used for conducting and non-conducting liquids and products. Two methods are used: Fixed-point control/alarm and continuous level indication/control/alarm. Typical products include fuel oil, solvents, acids, ink, sugar, sand, coal, and plastic pellets, etc. Ultrasonic equipment provides for continuous distance measurement. The resulting analogue signal can provide indication and level control. Ultrasonics is used where non-contact with the product is required.

Pressure-sensing equipment provides a signal for continuous Level Indication/Control/Alarm by measuring the hydrostatic head of a liquid. Typical applications include level/depth indication/control/alarm for water tanks, oil storage tanks, sewage sumps, river level, harbour level, borehole level, water tower, and reservoirs, etc.