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Geokon Hydrostatic Profiler System

Australia Tel: +61 (0)3 8720 6700
Indonesia Tel: +62 21 2278 3377
New Zealand Tel: +64 (0)7 850 2610
South Africa Tel: +27 (0)10 900 2055


The Model 4875 Gekon Hydrostatic Profiler System is designed to measure heave/settlement at intervals along a semi-rigid access tube. The system consists of a probe which is physically dragged through a horizontal access tube. Using hydraulic fluid within the system the depth of the probe measured with respect to the reference reservoir. By comparing profiles taken at different times, the heave/settlement of earth structures can be determined.


Measurement of vertical displacement in:

  • Embankments
  • Tailings dams
  • Road ways
  • Foundations


  • Simple installation
  • Vented sensor to eliminate barometric pressure fluctuations
  • Capable of interrogation by variety of readouts and loggers


  • Sensor range: 0 – 7 metres head of water
  • Sensor accuracy: 0.1% full scale
  • Sensor resolution: 0.025% full scale
  • Temperature range: -20C to +80C
  • Dimension: 35 mm OD, 203 mm long (probe) ,178 mm wide x 610 mm high (reel)
  • Weight (probe with 300m reel): 77 kg

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