The area of application for the Bopp & Reuther MDS-PLC Series Compact Batch Controllers from HMA Instrumentation is the control of meters and valves in small filling machines. The MDS-PLC configures the parameters and settings, visualises the data and controls the valves.

By using this compact controller filling machine from HMA Instrumentation, manufacturers can quickly integrate the dosing functions in their filling machines. What is more, there is no need for an extra PLC. The compact controller is operated via the external inputs or via the touch screen. All accuracy-related functions are integrated in the compact controller, even if a low-cost PLC will be used for other purposes on the dispensing quantity.

Features include:

  • Maximum for 4 m such as with electromagnetic flowmeters, mass flowmeter, oval wheel meters or others with pulse output
  • Colour touch panel
  • Many features derived from 30 years’ experience in filling applications
  • Four counting inputs (100 kHz)
  • Four valve outputs (0.2A)
  • Suitable for fast dosing applications
  • Overflow correction and maximum dosing time shutdown