BinCom helps you manage the inventory of powders and solids in bins, tanks and silos either on premises, at other corporate locations, or a customer or vendor location miles away. By knowing when vessels are reaching empty and are ready to be filled, you can optimize purchasing, eliminate out-of-stocks, reduce safety stocks, and plan delivery schedules.

For busy organizations, this saves time while being smart about cash flow and inventory carrying costs, while improving customer satisfaction. If you use BinCom for VMI (vendor managed inventory), you can work closely with vendors or customers by sharing reliable, timely information to simplify and coordinate business between both operations.

BinCom modules allow a SmartBob sensor to send data to the BinView web application to give you instant access to bin level data on any device with an Internet connection. Your SmartPhone, tablet, or PC can be used to get timely, remote data access to all of your level measurements from local and corporate-wide locations. BinCom combines the benefits of low-power, wireless technology and cellular data transfer to make it super simple to get SmartBob data where and when you need it.