Project Description

HMA Wear Solutions - Gtech Cyclones

The GTech range of Dense Medium (GTD) and Classification (GTC) Cyclones offers superior cyclone performance throughout its operating life with process guarantees to support this.

The advantages of the GTech range of cyclones include:

  • Ongoing Technical Support
  • Optimal Ceramic Selection
  • Superior Lining Design • High Separation Efficiency • Reduced Operating Costs
  • Engineered Tiles and Monolithics

The features of the GTech range of cyclones include:

  • Scrolled Evolute Inlet – High separation efficiency, reduced wear and increased operating capacities
  • Parallel Throat Spigot – Ensures ‘as new’ spigot ID is maintained for longer, ensuring optimal performance
  • Optimal Ceramic Selection – Optimal ceramic for the application with superior lining design

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